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Clicking With People is about the art of connecting with people through photography. Thought-provoking and unique, this book is about drawing the viewer into the soul of a subject through image. The book is not another how-to book on lighting, photo techniques, camera hardware or post-production. A reflection on photography and art, Clicking With People touches deeply on what makes us human – what makes us connect.

The quality of the photographer’s relationship with his subject has a direct correlation to the viewer’s ability to connect and relate to the image. Clicking With People features real-life experiences and insights on how to develop techniques for overcoming your inhibitions and getting your subjects to overcome theirs. The result is a powerful bond with your subject – sometimes brief and sometimes lasting a lifetime – that will yield intense, intimate, revealing and impactful images.

Both educational and motivational, Clicking With People offers narratives, case studies and images, as well data for readers who want specific information about the techniques used. Clicking With People will inspire you to find your own techniques and style – it will inspire you to connect with the people you photograph and create meaningful art.

“The [photographer's] goal is not to change the subject, but the subject to change the photographer.”
--Author Unknown.
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